Outstanding coach!! Alka really helped me think through how I wanted my year to plan out. She kept me accountable to the things I said that I wanted to do and I have since started a second business. THANKS ALKA!!!!!
Nicola E.

Professional coaching with perfect focus on the individual and their coaching needs! Both learnt a lot and thoroughly enjoyed developing as I went through my coaching sessions! A very big thank you!
Naieya E.

Alka helped me to organize my thoughts and think clearly about my goals. She then taught, rather than spoon-fed me the methods which I needed to attain my targets. Now I am able to use the techniques she has given me to meet goals, no matter how big or small, on my own.
Tina L.

Alka is an amazing person! She makes you want to be a better person. She is always emitting this positive vibe of energy that you just can’t help but become enveloped by. I would gladly recommend her to anyone who is looking for a life coach. Whether it be through weight loss, starting a new business, or just trying to make a change in your personal or professional life, Alka will be there to keep you focused on your future self.
Christina G.

I had a great experience working with Alka Bromiley being my coach. It was a new and refreshing thing for me to try and I can only say I am amazed what coaching can actually do for me and I found out how important it is to define ones’ goal(s). I have found two, which are lifelong goals I want to work on. Alka was patient, yet powerful without pressuring me to really solidify what my goals are and worked in wonder us ways to let me find a good time frame to move forward step by step to establish the life changes I wanted to implement to be able to reach my goals. Alka stays on target or with the topic and is very focused when I am wandering of in my thoughts and helps me to be focused too and clear and most importantly willing and excited about moving forward. Thanks Alka, I am on my way but I am looking forward to getting in some booster sessions occasionally in the future because you are a really good life coach.
Tanja P.

Alka delivers her coaching sessions with the perfect combination of listening, understanding and passion. Discovering and founding goals in Alka’s coaching sessions has uplifted the way I see day to day life. Furthermore, being able to talk through these aspirations with her and creating a plan of action as to how I am going to achieve them has meant that I have now gained a more solutions-focused and rather excited attitude to the challenges I face. I am positive that it is solely as a result of Alka’s dedicated time to our coaching sessions, her ability to ask focused questions and her willingness and approachability, that I now feel like a healthier, happier and more proactive person. I cannot thank Alka enough for all her help, time and motivation. I am sure I will request more coaching sessions with Alka over the years and in times of particular struggle but until then I cannot recommend her enough to others.

Krisha G.

Having a life coach? I never knew such a person existed. Why would I consider one since I was pretty confident in who I am and the direction my life was taking. Until I actually understood what coaching was all about and sat down for an initial chat with Alka was I able to see that even though I knew what my goals were; reaching them following my path would take forever. With Alka’s help I saw much more clearly that even though my direction was good I could become more accountable to myself and the time spent getting there. Having a coach in my life made sense. After several sessions I now set goals with time limits and understand that missing the mark is not personal failure or reason to quit but time to redirect which in turn makes arrival that much sweeter! Thank you Alka for your kindness and enthusiasm, your positive energy is contagious.
Linda V.

Alka Bromiley did an excellent job with life coaching sessions I needed. She is very positive and redirects negative thought patterns and boosts self-esteem to give me courage to try new things and look at things from a fresh perspective. She is a wonderful listener and really understood my unique goals to guide me in improving my career and family challenges. She always remembers previous sessions clearly and builds upon the strategies without making me feel less if I did not complete a task. She is empowering and confident in her ability to help an individual or team especially with mediation and conflict-resolution in a personal or professional capacity.
Karen S.

I found all the sessions of coaching with Alka to be thought provoking, encouraging and insightful. Alka helped me clarify my thoughts, set realistic goals and execute them within a self regulated time scale. Alka pushed the bounds of my thinking by asking clear and honest questions. These same kinds of questions continue to reason ate in my thoughts, even now after our coaching sessions have finished. Thank you Alka for helping me change my thinking, and for helping me realize the power within myself to make significant changes, which have affected and improved both my personal and business life.
Stella B.

Alka’s coaching has made a real difference to my quality of life. I’m quite amazed by what a short 30-minute session can achieve and how it can move me away from negative feelings to positive, progressive action. I have met a number of goals and achieved some intimidating goal posts including looking into how I can market my coaching business and how I could improve communication with my boyfriend over where we live in the future. Talking to Alka about my goals has really changed how I reflect on worries and has given me a great way for managing and harnessing my emotions. It was amazing how just taking a bit of time out each day to look into geographical options really opened my mind to all sorts of possibilities, paving the way for new goals alongside and new issues I needed to work on. In short, our sessions shifted me from stasis to psychological shift! Alka’s great listening skills and sense of humor make the sessions effective but easy, with the time passing quickly and positively. She’s a great coach and I’m really pleased our paths have crossed.
Melanie P.

Alka was wonderful at keeping me focused on growing my business by planning and reaching set goals. She inspired me to start a newsletter, increase my social media presence and she helped with training and staff retention.
Christin S.

I highly I recommend Alka. If you are trying to figure out what you want to do with your career, or another aspect of your life, stop whatever else you are trying and see Alka. She will save you considerable time and energy trying other things that likely won’t work and she will help you make sense of your situation, options and set a course. Alka has an incredible ability to connect with people. Our meetings were highly beneficial and I learned a great deal from the exercises she had me complete. I appreciated how engaged Alka was during our meetings and that she was accessible outside of our meetings. Her enthusiasm is incredible and her approach solid. Alka is a capable coach. I’ve recommended Alka to my colleagues and friends grappling with career, life issues or simply seeking further personal and/or professional development.
Dana T.

Alka has been an amazing influencer in all areas of my life. She has been the person I have looked up to and admired. As my Mentor I was and still am provided with constant support, advice and motivational influence. People really are her priority, on every level. She is a strong leader with exceptional listening qualities, an innovative thinker and a respected role model, that will help you succeed due to her natural ability to guide, nurture and proactively help you. I’m proud to have been Mentored by Alka and I’m thankful for everything she taught me while working together. I recommend Inspire2 to everyone who wants to improve their life! Thank you Alka!!!
Fiona L.