I have always been an independent person and a “free spirit” not afraid to take chances or guide myself through difficult times. My own personal life has been a mixed one—it has been filled with countless moments of sheer happiness, interspersed with times of utter sadness. Unfortunately during recent years I endured several setbacks in life. When these problems collided I realized that the answer to happiness was within me. I decided enough was enough and with the changing of my own mindset I started to realize that there were new opportunities open to me.

I stumbled across The Coaching Academy in the United Kingdom and decided to study for my Diploma in Personal Performance Coaching. I learned to search within myself to find what was unique about me and what I enjoyed most. I discovered that the answer was laughter—having fun and seeing the humor and the joy that it can bring to us all. I decided to merge all of these aspects together and incorporate laughter into coaching.

I have an easy-going personality which, I hope, you will experience as nothing short of enjoyable! The manner in which I draw people together and create a joyful, fun-loving environment is unique! My philosophy is to keep an open mind and look at everything as an opportunity to improve myself and share my philosophy to my clients to live happier more fulfilled lives.